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img_8169.jpgIf you would like to host a class at your location in the Puget Sound area with your friends, families, co-workers, etc., I’m more than happy to work with your schedule and budget from a girls’ night out to an office team building activities!

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Types of Zentangle Classes:

IMG_8847Introduction to Zentangle Class – Designed to provide a basic understanding of the Zentangle Method. This class focuses on the fundamental techniques and applications of the Zentangle Method. Perfect for people of all ages who are curious about Zentangle and prerequisite for all the other classes. Approximately 2 hours.



Zentangle For Beginners – Are you ready to explore more possibilities with the Zentangle Method? In each 2-hour session, you will learn new tangles, techniques and approaches. This class will show you the depth of the world of Zentangle and gives you a foundation to keep tangling on your own. Although drop-ins are welcome, taking a 4-6 week series is highly recommended in order to learn the overall basic techniques.



Zentangle Black Tile Class  – It’s time for a role reversal! It will provide a fresh new perspective on tangling by working on black tiles with white pens. It is also a great first step in exploring color in Zentangle. Only offered for students who are familiar with the Zentangle Method.


img_8844.jpgZentangle Renaissance Tile Class – Journey back in time and revisit the lives of artists Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. We will implement the techniques that make these works of art so recognizable. Working with tan paper, black and brown pens, and more to take the world of Zentangle back in time.


Zendala Class – Inspired by mandalas from the East, Zentangle offers its version of round tiles called Zendala tiles. Drawing on a circular tile is a meditative and beautiful experience that you don’t want to miss! Zendala tiles are available in white, black and tan, and we will start with white tiles to become comfortable with drawing on non-square tiles.


Project Based Class – No surface is safe once you start tangling! We make fun and  seasonal projects that are a joy to look at everyday. These projects also make perfect handmade gifts that are simple and elegant. Some projects take more than one session to complete due to drying time etc. All materials will be provided.


The Zentangle Method is taught by Certified Zentangle Teachers all over the world.
To find CZTs in your area, please click here.